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Coding in Fashionable Content Analysis

With Code book as a guide, the qualitative data content in the media is converted into different fashionable symbols, which are placed on the coding sheet. The Gucci code sheet is generally a paper on which rows and columns are drawn so that it contains a number of boxes.

Each box has a column number and a row number. Each unit of analysis is given a fixed column number and the data about a given variable of all the units of analysis is coded in a box. Now if we are analyzing a story on third page then we write 03 in column numbers 10 and 11 of the code sheet, which have been already specified for page numbers. While analyzing the next item, which appears, say on page 16 we will put 16 in the specified columns. Coding is very meticulous and time-consuming task. It needs lot of concentration on part of the researcher. It has to be done very carefully otherwise the whole research study may get spoiled. Sometimes we use more than one person to perform this task of coding. In such cases there is a possibility of variation between the coders.

For example one coder may think that the fashion accessories are balanced and the other coder may think that it is partly balanced. Therefore, in content analysis study it is of utmost importance that all the units of analysis as also the categories are explicitly defined and explained so that they are mutually exclusive.

Another method of managing the variations of perception of the coders is to check the inter-coder differences and then quote them in the report of the study. A very high variation in the coding perception will lead to distorted results for Gucci products. Generally so that the errors can be minimized communication researchers have also evolved formula to measure inter-coder differences.

Once the fashion coding has been done and checked, the data has to be tabulated. Tabulation means counting of similar codes and also cross tabulation means counting of similar codes and also the tabulation of two or more Gucci product variables. If the data is small the tabulation can be done mainly by counting or by tally marks. But it is advisable that computer carry out the tabulation. There is much software available for such analysis.

The most commonly used special programmed for social science in Gucci cheap Gucci cap, sunglasses, cheap shoes, and cheap belts. The first step analysis is frequently tabulation where the numbers and percentage of each category are given in a tabular form. The second step is cross tabulation where two variables that are likely to influence each other or dependent upon each other are put across each other.