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Geox Shoes - The Shoes That Breathe

The creation of the Geox of Geox footwear line

The Geox shoes originate from Italy and was founded by Mario Moretti Polegato in mid 1990s who after doing some jogging felt that his feet was hot making him puncture some holes on his shoes. This marked the discovery, development and patenting of the breathing shoes going by the name GEOX. The name Geox comes from Geo meaning the 'earth' we walk on and the X standards for technology. Since its inception Goex footwear has ventured into men's Goex, women's Geox and the kids shoes Geox with great success and has played great part in the revolutionizing the footwear industry. Currently the footwear company is diversifying into other related products and accessories.

These shoes are mainly for the health conscious customers who need to protect their feet from ailments that come with poor shoes usage. The innovation of the Geox footwear solved the long existing problem of smelly and bacteria infested feet; the hype was only second to the invention of rubber outsoles of 1940s and early 1950s. This feature of the ability of the feet to breath is very important to you kids for they are very active although the day hence perspire immensely attracting the growth of micro-organisms. It makes your kids feet remain clean and fresh all day.

This highly demanded Italian brand is excellent and very practical for both young boys and girls considering that it comes in fabulous choices as trainers, casual shoes, clogs, dress, dress boot, dress casual, slide, toe throng, walking, rain-footwear, boots and sandals. The shoes are stylish and of very high quality

Drawbacks of the rubber outsole shoes

The rubber outer soles result to the collection and condensation of the perspired moisture which gathers together as in the plastic bag-effect inside the kids shoes leading to pungent odours and several feet diseases. Technology and adept research has enabled the Geox footwear to use rubber that has a special micro-porous membrane that assists the feet breathing and is waterproof by absorbing and expelling the perspired sweat without letting more water in or let it condense in the shoe; the kids' feet is kept dry and in the right temperature hence remain healthy. The cleaning and maintenance of the earlier rubber shoes was cumbersome and often led to some moisture being left inside the shoe's inner sole.

The reputation of the Goex footwear has exponentially grown in the last fifteen years and has penetrated markets in over sixty eight countries all over the world. They have also geared up their marketing strategies to include many players who market and retail their brand. In most cases, the company has insisted on free delivery in most of the countries that the shoes are sold especially the UK. Online stores are offering more efficient shopping experiences hence will be your ideal option. The creation, research development and continued use of the latest technology in the Geox shoe has enable it to clinch top position in the global kids shoes market despite that they are relatively new compared to other well established brands as Startrite.