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Super Pure Omega 3 Soft Gel Caps

All research studies and clinical trials on omega 3 fish oils point to one thing - that omega 3 supplementation can indeed help you live a healthier, better, fuller life.

But choosing the best super pure omega 3 soft gel caps can be quite an overwhelming task. If you think about the hundreds of fish oil supplement brands and products today it can just make your head spin. Here are some tips to help you find the best quality fish oil supplement that would give you the health boost that you need.

1. Know the fish source

Remember that pure omega 3 supplements must be free from contaminants. Considering that fish oil is sourced from live fish, you will want to make sure that your omega 3 supplement is sourced from fresh, pristine waters - and definitely not in highly-polluted, industrial areas. Some of the clean bodies of water where fish can be safely sourced from are those off the coast of New Zealand, Alaska, Norway and Canada's Atlantic. A reputable company would let you know where they catch their fish.

2. The fish used

Equally important as the fish source is the species of fish used by the supplement provider. Different varieties and species of fish contain varying amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Some of the good sources of omega 3 oils are tuna, herring, mackerel, sardines and hoki. Hoki and tuna fish are known to provide the purest and highest omega-3 content with anti-inflammatory properties twice as potent as oil from other fish species.

3. The processing method

A supplement or health company can only provide super pure omega 3 soft gel caps if they have the right processing method in place. It is the processing method, which determines how potent and pure a fish oil supplement will be. Never use fish oil that is not processed using molecular distillation. Take note that even the purest fish taken from the most pristine waters will have a certain level of contamination. To date, only the advanced process of molecular distillation can remove toxins present in fish, including heavy metals such as mercury, and chemicals like dioxin and PCB's.

Molecular distillation is quite an expensive method that fish oil caps that undergo this purification method are bound to come out more expensive as well. The fish oil soft gel caps you use must exceed purity standards. To provide you with a concrete proof, a reliable manufacturer will utilize some third party testing for unbiased results. These results should be made available to you as well.

A reliable fish oil supplement manufacturer will provide you with all the information you need to ensure highest purity and potency. They must tell you where they catch their fish, what the species of fish they used, and whether or not they use molecular distillation. It is only through the right combination of these three factors that you can get the super pure omega 3 soft gel caps you need for that most deserved health boost.