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Why You Should Buy Burberry Sport Perfume For Women

Named amongst top 100 brands in the world, Burberry is a brand that speaks for itself. Founded in year 1856, this British luxury fashion house designs luxury clothes and accessories. Since its inception, Burberry Group has been hot favorite of perfume lovers. Launching perfumes and colognes of different kinds, today the group has emerged as one of most sought after names in perfume industry. Till date, Burberry has introduced various lines of perfumes and Burberry's Sport Perfume for Women is trending the most these days.

This particular Burberry perfume for women is an extension to the sport line launched by the brand in 2010. Apart from perfumes, you can buy others items like jackets, bags and classes under this line of products. Here, we will limit our discussion to Burberry Sport Perfume for Women only.


Before the fragrance, it is the packaging of a perfume that decides its fate. Most of the women try a perfume just because they like its look. If you are just like the majority of women then you would be awestruck to look at Burberry's sport perfume packaging. It comes in a very cute red and white packing and a woman has no reason to hate it. But, don't commit the mistake of buying fragrances online simply on the basis of looks. You need to check their notes too before hitting the "Place Order" button.

Fragrance Notes

Not everyone can understand the different notes of a perfume. You need to have some basic knowledge about colognes to choose the best fragrance. However, if you have no knowledge about perfume notes as of now and confused about Burberry Sport Perfume; we advise you to read our brief review mentioned below.

The Sport Perfume for Women by Burberry is a juicy, floral fragrance. The perfume has been designed keeping in mind young and radiant women across the world. So, if you personally love floral fragrances this Burberry perfume is a great buy.

If we delve deeper, it can be easily found that top notes consist of mandarin orange, ginger and marine. Since top note does not last for long, you should pay more attention to middle and base notes. The base notes are a combination of white musk and cedar.

Burberry Sport Perfume has been liked by women and is selling like hotcakes in the global market. You can buy this perfume at online as well as offline stores.